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Journal Article Deadly Disinformation: Viral Conspiracy Theories as a Radicalization Mechanism

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2022 Moskalenko, S. and Romanova, E. View Publisher
Journal Article Why Do Online Countering Violent Extremism Strategies Not Work? The Case of Digital Jihad

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2022 Lakomy, M. View Publisher
Journal Article Examining incel subculture on Reddit

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2022 Helm, B., Scrivens, R., Holt, T.J., Chermak, S. and Frank, R. View Publisher
Policy Policy Brief: From Pilots to Practice: Risk-informed utilization of online data for preventing violent extremism and addressing hate speech

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2022 United Nations Development Programme View Publisher
Journal Article How online interaction radicalises while group involvement restrains: a case study of Action Zealandia from 2019 to 2021

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2022 Halpin, J. and Wilson, C. View Publisher
Journal Article Understanding the role of digital media in female participation in terrorism: the case of Bangladesh

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2022 Parvez, S. and Hastings, J.V. View Publisher