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Journal Article “The Lions Of Tomorrow”: A News Value Analysis Of Child Images In Jihadi Magazines

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2018 Watkin, A. and Looney, S. View Publisher
Journal Article Introduction: Exploring societal resilience to online polarization and extremism

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2022 Watkin, A., Gerrand, V. and Conway, M. View Publisher
Statement Personal Statement from James Watkins to Committee on Homeland Security 8chan Inquiry

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2019 Watkins, J. View Publisher
MA Thesis New Zealand Government And Critical Infrastructure Ready Reaction To Cyber Terrorism

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2008 Watt, A. C. View Publisher
VOX-Pol Blog Are We Our Own Worst Enemy? The Problems in Countering Jihadi Narratives and How to Fix Them

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2015 Watts, C. View Publisher
Journal A Content Analysis of Persuasion Techniques Used on White Supremacist Websites

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2005 Weatherby, G.A. and Scoggins, B. View Publisher