Public Lecture: Understanding the “Islamic State” Narratives Through Analysing Their Online Media Output

Talk by VOX-Pol Research Fellow, Dr Nico Prucha

ISIS and its sympathisers have become one of the most prolific produces of jihadist media within the global jihadist movement.  In order to better understand the attraction of the group among a host of different populations spanning across the West and Middle-East, it is important to analyse this output. With ISIS having an immense quantity output of audio-visual productions that are often professionally produced, the talk focuses on a series of 50 videos published in 2013-4 entitled “Windows into the Epic Battlefield”. The 50 video installment features the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” during the phase of consolidation in Syria and in Iraq. The videos of the “state” are integral to understanding the application of ideology in practice and to understand the motivation of local and foreign fighters in their own words.

In his presentation, Dr. Nico Prucha, a leading expert in Arabic jihadist propaganda, will discuss his recent research into the contours of the narratives provided by jihadists in Syria and Iraq, thus helping to explain what analysts and policy makers can learn from such output. Of particular interest will be how such research can contribute to the formulation of strategies to counter the recruitment efforts of jihadists for the “Islamic State”.

Nico’s research is part of his ongoing VOX-Pol fellowship at ICSR, King’s College London.

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UPDATE: You can now view slides from Dr Prucha’s talk here.

And you can listen to his talk on Soundcloud below.

1:00 pm
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