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Report Political Extremism in Denmark: A Pre-Investigation for Mapping of Right-Wing and Left-Wing Extremism

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2012 Holmsted Larsen, C. View Publisher
Report Right Wing Extremism In The Czech Republic

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2012 Mareš, M. View Publisher
Book Social Networks, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism: Radical and Connected

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2015 Bouchard, M. View Publisher
Report Countering Online Hate Speech

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2015 Gagliardone, I., Gal, D., Alves, T. and Martinez, G. View Publisher
Book Understanding and Influencing Public Support for Insurgency and Terrorism

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2012 Davis, P.K., Larson, E.V., Haldeman, Z., Oguz, M. and Rana, Y. View Publisher
Report Who Matters Online: Measuring influence, evaluating content and countering violent extremism in online social networks

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2013 Berger, J.M. and Strathearn, B. View Publisher