VOX-Pol Lecture Series: AI-Fuelled Extremism: Charting the Problem

The VOX-Pol Lecture Series, Spring Term, continues on Wednesday 1 March, at 9am UK / 8pm Sydney / 10pm Auckland time. Professor Stephane Baele will give an online presentation titled AI-Fuelled Extremism: Charting the Problem

Stephane J. Baele is Associate Professor of Security and Political Violence at the University of Exeter, UK. The presentation will seek to chart the main effects – some already felt, others about to unfold – of AI technology on extremist communications. Appraising issues such as the use of deepfakes or language models for radicalization purposes, Prof. Baele will use findings from his own research and recent studies, and teachings from recent events, to spell out a research agenda on the challenge of “AI-fuelled extremism”.

Julian Droogan will chair the event

Please click the link below on 1 March at 9am UK / 8pm Sydney / 10pm Auckland time to join the webinar
passcode 130322
Please note: this event will be recorded.

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