VOX-Pol Workshop ‘Inside the Black Box of “Terrorism Informatics” – Invitation Only

VOX-Pol is convening a two-day workshop entitled “Inside the Black Box of ‘Terrorism Informatics”: A Cost-benefit Analysis of Using Computational Techniques in Violent Online Political Extremism Research’ at Dublin City University on 29 – 30 May 2018.

Researchers, from across the world, will gather in Dublin City University to discuss how to accurately detect and analyse violent extremist content online. This workshop, will address some of the challenges involved in understanding the costs and benefits of using computational techniques and methods to identify, acquire, integrate, process and analyse violent political extremist content online. It will be convened by Dr. Matti Pohjonen.

Through a number of focused sessions, this workshop hopes to explore a diversity of relevant topics including:

  • Questions about validity, bias and other problems of
    using computational or  “Big Data” methods in Violent Online Political Research.
  • Analysing violent online extremist content: content analysis,
    computer vision and multimedia analysis.
  • Analysing Violent Extremist Methods: The use of SNA
    and DNA in identifying Dark Networks.
  • Analysing Extremist Behaviour and Activity: The use of
    “Predictive Analytics” in identifying terrorist behaviour online.


For further information contact the VOX-Pol team at workshop@voxpol.eu.

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All Day
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