VOX-Pol Workshop on Content Moderation and (Violent) Extremism

VOX-Pol Workshop on Content Moderation and (Violent) Extremism, Thursday 16 February, 11.00-12.30 (GMT)

To register your attendance at this online workshop, please email info@voxpol.eu and you will receive a Zoom link.

Content takedowns have emerged as one of the central pillars in the global fight against disinformation and extremism. Despite their increasing ubiquity as disruptive tools in political processes, their true efficacy remains up for debate. We ‘know’, for example, that takedowns had a strong disruptive effect on Islamic State-supporting networks online, but we do not know whether constraining avenues for expression may ultimately accelerate offline acts of violence. We also know that extreme-right networks have weaponised content takedowns as evidence of victimisation and the steadfast erosion of ‘free speech’, often underpinning calls to (violent) action. There is much to understand about the efficacy of content moderation with regard to accelerationism, democracy and (violent) extremism: this event seeks to address these issues in an open forum for discussion.

Chair: Dr. James Fitzgerald (Dublin City University)

Presentation 1: Moderating Borderline Content whilst Respecting Fundamental Values
Dr Katy Vaughan (Swansea University)

Presentation 2: Recommending Instead of Taking Down: YouTube hyper-partisan content promotion amid the 2022 Brazilian general elections
Profs. Rose Marie Santini, Débora Salles, & Bruno Mattos (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

Presentation 3: Wellness and Conspiracy Theories: The promise and peril(s) of content takedowns
Dr. Vivian Gerrand (Deakin University) and Dr. James Fitzgerald (Dublin City University)

For any questions, or to register your attendance, please email info@voxpol.eu.

11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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