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Journal Article Political Radicalization on the Internet: Extremist Content, Government Control, and the Power of Victim and Jihad Videos

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2015 Holt, T., Frellich, J.D., Chermak, S. and McCauley, C. View Publisher
Journal Article Loners, Colleagues, or Peers? Assessing the Social Organization of Radicalization

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2018 Holt, T.J., Feilich, J.D, Chermak, S.M., Mills, C., and Silva J. View Publisher
Journal Article Invisible Empire of Hate: Gender Differences in the Ku Klux Klan’s Online Justifications for Violence

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2018 Cohen J. S., Holt J. T.,Chermak M.S, and Freilich D. J. View Publisher
Report From Minutes to Months: A rapid evidence assessment of the impact of media and social media during and after terror events

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2018 Innes, M., Innes, H., Dobreva, D., Chermak, S., Huey, S., McGovern, A. View Publisher
Journal Article Examining the Online Expression of Ideology among Far-Right Extremist Forum Users

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2020 Holt, T. J., Freilich, J.D. and Chermak, S. M. View Publisher
Journal Article Triggered by Defeat or Victory? Assessing the Impact of Presidential Election Results on Extreme Right-Wing Mobilization Online

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2020 Scrivens, R., Burruss, G.W., Holt, T.J., Chermak, S.M., Freilich, J.D. and Frank, R. View Publisher