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Book Propaganda 2.0: Psychological Effects of Right‐wing and Islamic Extremist Internet Videos

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2013 Rieger, D., Frischlich, L. and Bente, G. View Publisher
Journal Propaganda in an Insecure, Unstructured World: How Psychological Uncertainty and Authoritarian Attitudes Shape the Evaluation of Right Wing Extremist Internet Propaganda

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2017 Rieger, D., Frischlich, L., Bente, G. View Publisher
Journal Article Dealing With The Dark Side: The Effects Of Right-wing Extremist And Islamist Extremist Propaganda From A Social Identity Perspective

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2019 Rieger, D., Frischlich, L. and Bente, G. View Publisher
Journal Article The Power Of A Good Story: Narrative Persuasion in Extremist Propaganda and Videos Against Violent Extremism

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2018 Frischlich, L., Rieger, D., Morten, A. and Bente, G. View Publisher
Journal Article Discourse patterns used by extremist Salafists on Facebook: identifying potential triggers to cognitive biases in radicalized content

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2021 Bouko, C., Naderer, B., Rieger, D., Van Ostaeyen, P. and Voué, P. View Publisher
Journal Article Assessing the Extent and Types of Hate Speech in Fringe Communities: A Case Study of Alt-Right Communities on 8chan, 4chan, and Reddit

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2021 Rieger, D., Kümpel, A. S., Wich, M., Kiening, T., and Groh, G. View Publisher