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Journal Article Grading The Quality Of ISIS Videos: A Metric For Assessing The Technical Sophistication Of Digital Video Propaganda

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2018 Robinson, M .D. & Dauber, C.E. View Publisher
Journal Article Call Of Duty Jihad: How The Video Game Motif Has Migrated Downstream From Islamic State Propaganda Videos

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2019 Dauber, C. E., Robinson, M. D., Baslious, J. J. and Blair, A. G. View Publisher
Journal Article Detecting Hate Speech on Twitter Using a Convolution-GRU Based Deep Neural Network

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2018 Zhang, Z., Robinson, D. and Tepper, J. View Publisher
Journal Article Hate Speech Detection on Twitter: Feature Engineering v.s. Feature Selection

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2018 Robinson, D., Zhang, Z. and Tepper, J. View Publisher
VOX-Pol Blog Documenting Andrew Tate – learning from documentary film

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2024 Robinson, N. View Publisher