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Report Toxic Narratives: Monitoring Alternative-right Actors

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2017 Baldauf, J., Dittrich, M., Hermann, M., Kollberg, B., Lüdecke, R. and Rathje, J. View Publisher
Video What are the Responsibilities of Tech Companies in an Age of International Terrorism?

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2016 Brimmer, E., Pielemeier, J., Brunner, L. and Walden, A. View Publisher
MA Thesis Are U.S. Based ‘Jihadi’ Inspired Terrorists Transitioning Away From Physical Training Camps To Online Training Camps?

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2018 Clayton, A.N. View Publisher
Report Mapping The Jihadist Information Ecosystem

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2019 Fisher, A., Prucha, N. and Winterbotham, E. View Publisher
Journal Article Generalized Gelation Theory Describes Onset of Online Extremist Support

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2018 Manrique,P., Zheng, M., Cao,Z., Restrepo, E., Johnson, N.F. View Publisher
Report Following The Whack-a-Mole: Britian First’s Visual Strategy From Facebook To Gab

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2019 Nouri,L., Lorenzo-Dus, N. and Watkin, A.L. View Publisher