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Book Online Political Hate Speech in Europe: The Rise of New Extremisms

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2020 Ziccardi, G. View Publisher
Journal Article Elites and foreign actors among the alt-right: The Gab social media platform

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2019 Zhou, Y., Dredze, M., Broniatowski, D. A. and Adler, W. D. View Publisher
Journal Article Detecting Hate Speech on Twitter Using a Convolution-GRU Based Deep Neural Network

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2018 Zhang, Z., Robinson, D. and Tepper, J. View Publisher
Journal Article The Case of Jihadology and the Securitization of Academia

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2021 Zelin, A.Y. View Publisher
Report The State of Global Jihad Online: A Qualitative, Quantitative, and Cross-Lingual Analysis

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2013 Zelin, A.Y. View Publisher
Journal Picture Or It Didn’t Happen: A Snapshot of the Islamic State’s Official Media Output

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2015 Zelin, A.Y. View Publisher