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Journal Article ‘Beyond Anything We Have Ever Seen’: Beheading Videos and the Visibility of Violence in the War against ISIS.

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2015 Friis, S.M. View Publisher
Report ‘Fogging’ and ‘Flooding’: Countering Extremist Mis/Disinformation After Terror Attacks

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2021 Innes, M. View Publisher
Journal Article ‘Like Sheep Among Wolves’: Characterizing Hateful Users on Twitter

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2018 Ribeiro,M.H., Calais, P.H., Santos, Y.A., Almeida, A.F., and Meira, W. Jr. View Publisher
Journal Article ‘Sometimes You Just Have to Try Something’: A Critical Analysis of Danish State-Led Initiatives Countering Online Radicalisation

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2018 Warrington, A. View Publisher
Journal Article ‘Stop fake hate profiles on Facebook’: Challenges for crowdsourced activism on social media

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2017 Farkas, J. and Neumayer, C. View Publisher
Lecture ‘The Call to Jihad The Role of Internet Preachers’ Angela Gendron YouTube 360p

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2014 Gendron, A. View Publisher