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Journal Article Zoom-ing in on White Supremacy: Zoom-Bombing Anti-Racism Efforts

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2021 Ali, K. View Publisher
Report YouTube Regrets: A crowdsourced investigation into YouTube’s recommendation algorithm

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2021 Moziilla View Publisher
Report Youth Online and at Risk: Radicalisation Facilitated by the Internet

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2011 Royal Canadian Mounted Police View Publisher
Journal Article Youth Exposure to Hate in the Online Space: An Exploratory Analysis

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2020 Harriman, N., Shortland, N., Su, M., Cote, T., Testa, M.A. and Savoia, E. View Publisher
Report Youth and Violent Extremism on Social Media: Mapping the Research

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2017 Alava, S., Frau-Meigs, D., and Hassan, G. View Publisher
Journal Article You Too Can Be Awlaki

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2011 Brachman, J.M. and Levine, A.N. View Publisher