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Journal Article Shades of hatred online: 4chan duplicate circulation surge during hybrid media events

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2020 Zelenkauskaite, A., Toivanen, P., Huhtamäki, J. and Valaskivi, K. View Publisher
Journal Article From Inspire to Rumiyah: does instructional content in online jihadist magazines lead to attacks?

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2020 Zekulin, M. View Publisher
Report Countering Violent Extremism: Developing an evidence-base for policy and practice

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2015 Zeiger, S. and Aly, A. View Publisher
Journal Article Countering terrorism or criminalizing curiosity? The troubled history of UK responses to right-wing and other extremism

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2021 Zedner, L. View Publisher
Journal Article On the Origins of Memes by Means of Fringe Web Communities

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2018 Zannettou, S., Caulfield, T., Blackburn, J., De Cristofaro, E., Sirivianos, M., Stringhini, G. and Suarez-Tangil, G. View Publisher
Journal Article What is Gab? A Bastion of Free Speech or an Alt-Right Echo Chamber?

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2018 Zannettou, S., Bradlyn, B., De Cristofaro, E., Kwak, H., Sirivianos, M., Stringhini, G. and Blackburn, J. View Publisher