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Report The Evolution of Online Violent Extremism In Indonesia And The Philippines

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2019 Nuraniyah, N. View Publisher
Report GIFCT Technical Approaches Working Group: Gap Analysis and Recommendations for deploying technical solutions to tackle the terrorist use of the internet

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2021 Tech Against Terrorism View Publisher
Report Shedding Light On Terrorist And Extremist Content Removal

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2019 Vegt, I.V.D. Gill, P., Macdonald,S. and Kleinberg, B. View Publisher
Journal Article Competition And Innovation In A Hostile Environment: How Jabhat Al Nusra And Islamic State Moved To Twitter In 2013-2014

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2018 Weimann, G. J. View Publisher
Journal Article Recommender systems and the amplification of extremist content

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2021 Whittaker, J., Looney, S., Reed, A. and Votta, F. View Publisher
Journal The Supremacy of Online White Supremacists – an Analysis of Online Discussions by White Supremacists

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2015 Wong, M.A., Frank, R. and Allsup, R. View Publisher