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Lecture ‘Waging War on the Ideological Battleground’ Dr Anne Aly YouTube

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2014 Aly, A. View Publisher
Lecture ‘Weighing the Role of the Internet in Past, Present, and Future Terrorism’ Dr Maura Conway

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2014 Conway, M. View Publisher
Journal ‘Bomb-Making for Beginners’: Inside al Al-Qaeda E-Learning Course

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2013 Stenersen, A. View Publisher
Journal Article ‘Don’t Talk to Me’: Effects of Ideologically Homogeneous Online Groups and Politically Dissimilar Offline Ties on Extremism

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2010 Wojcieszak, M. View Publisher
VOX-Pol Blog ‘News overload’: how a constant stream of violent images affects your brain

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2024 Saavedra Macías, F. J. View Publisher
Report ‘The Baghdadi Net’: How A Network of ISIL-Supporting Accounts Spread Across Twitter

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2019 Ayad, M. View Publisher