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Journal Article Writing On The Walls: Discourses On Bolivian Immigrants In Chilean Meme Humor

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2019 Haynes, N. View Publisher
Chapter Worldwide Online Jihad versus the Gaming Industry Reloaded – Ventures of the Web

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2010 Prucha, N. View Publisher
VOX-Pol Blog Words Matter – How the Arabic Ideology of Jihadist Movements Translates into Non-Arab(ic) Online Networks

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2015 Prucha, N. View Publisher
Journal Article Women’s Connectivity in Extreme Networks

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2016 Manritque, P., Cao, Z., Gabriel, A., Horgan, J., Gill, P., Qi, H., Restrepo, E.M., Johnson, D., Wuchty, S., Song, C. and Johnson, N. View Publisher
Video Women, Social Media and Violent Extremism

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2015 Chaudry, R. View Publisher
Report Women and Violent Radicalization

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2016 Conseil du statut de la femme View Publisher