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Report Al-Qaeda Central and the Internet

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2010 Daniel Kimmage View Publisher
Journal Al-Qa‘ida’s Editor: Abu Jandal al-Azdi’s Online Jihadi Activism

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2011 Wagemakers, J. View Publisher
VOX-Pol Publication AI Extremism: Technology, Tactics, Actors

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2024 Baele, S. and Brace, L. View Publisher
Journal Article Affective Practice of Soldiering: How Sharing Images Is Used to Spread Extremist and Racist Ethos on Soldiers of Odin Facebook Site

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2021 Nikunen, K., Hokka, J. and Nelimarkka, M. View Publisher
Report Addressing the New Landscape of Terrorism: Towards Formulating Actionable Response

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2019 Andre, V. View Publisher
Journal Article Accelerators, Amplifiers, and Conductors: A Model of Tertiary Deviance in Online White Supremacist Networks

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2020 Gottschalk, S. View Publisher