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Journal Article US Extremism on Telegram: Fueling Disinformation, Conspiracy Theories, and Accelerationism

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2021 Walther, S. and McCoy, A. View Publisher
MA Thesis Users’ Adoption Of Emergent Technologies: Towards an Acceptable Model for Safer Cyber-Assisted Olfactory Information Exchanges in Standard, Micro, and Nano Systems

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2007 Hyacinthe, B. P. View Publisher
Journal Article Using Internet search data to examine the relationship between anti-Muslim and pro-ISIS sentiment in U.S. counties

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2018 Bail A. C., Merhout F., Ding P. View Publisher
Chapter Using KNN and SVM Based One-Class Classifier for Detecting Online Radicalization on Twitter

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2015 Agarwal, S. and Sureka, A. View Publisher
VOX-Pol Blog Using Twitter as a Data Source: An Overview of Current Social Media Research Tools

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2015 Ahmed, W. View Publisher
Journal Utilization of Cyberspace by Terrorist Groups and the Applicability of the Malaysian Law on Terrorism

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2016 Labanieh, M.F. and Zulhuda, S. View Publisher