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Journal Article Conspiracy, anxiety, ontology: Theorising QAnon

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2022 Fitzgerald, J. View Publisher
Journal Article The Role of Honeypots and Sabotage in State-Based Operations Against Online Jihadism, 2001-2020

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2022 Torres-Soriano, M.R. View Publisher
Journal Article Online Discourses in Post-Soviet Media: The Threat of the Islamic State in Central Asia

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2022 Turaeva, R. View Publisher
Book Ethnographizing Islamic State’s Digital Community on Telegram Platform

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2022 Spagna, N.G. View Publisher
Report Radical Right Activities in Nusantara’s Digital Landscape: A Snapshot

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2022 Mustaffa, M. View Publisher
Journal Article Linking Terrorist Network Structure to Lethality: Algorithms and Analysis of Al Qaeda and ISIS

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2022 Chen, Y., Gao, C., Gartenstein-Ross, D., Greene, K.T., Kalif, K., Kraus, S., Parisi, F., Pulice, C., Subasic, A. and Subrahmanian, V.S. View Publisher