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Journal Article A Storm On The Horizon? ‘Twister’ And The Implications Of The Blockchain And Peer To Peer Social Networks For Online Violent Extremism

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2018 Mott, G. View Publisher
MA Thesis A Spatial Analysis Of Boko Haram And Al-Shabaab References In Social Media In Sub-Saharan Africa

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2014 Rodriguez Jr., R.M. View Publisher
Journal Article A Snapshot of the Syrian Jihadi Online Ecology: Differential Disruption, Community Strength, and Preferred Other Platforms

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2021 Conway, M., Khawaja, M., Lakhani, S. and Reffin, J. View Publisher
Journal Article A semi-supervised algorithm for detecting extremism propaganda diffusion on social media

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2022 Francisco, M., Benítez-Castro, M.Á., Hidalgo-Tenorio, E. and Castro, J.L. View Publisher
Journal Article A Semantic Graph-Based Approach for Radicalisation Detection on Social Media

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2017 Saif, H., Dickinson, T., Kastler, L., Fernandez, M., and Alani, H. View Publisher
Report A Safe Space to Hate: White Supremacist Mobilisation on Telegram

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2020 Guhl, J. and Davey, J. View Publisher