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Journal Article A Quantitative Approach To Understanding Online Antisemitism

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2018 Finkelstein, J., Zannettou, S., Bradlyn, B. and Blackburn, J. View Publisher
Report A Plan for Preventing and Countering Terrorist and Violent Extremist Exploitation of Information and Communications Technology in America

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2019 Alexander, A. View Publisher
Journal Article A Philosophical and Historical Analysis of “Generation Identity”: Fascism, Online Media, and the European New Right

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2019 Richards, I. View Publisher
Video A New Approach to Counter Radicalization

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2014 US Council on Foreign Relations View Publisher
Journal A Multimodal Mixed Methods Approach for Examining Recontextualisation Patterns of Violent Extremist Images in Online Media

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2018 Tan, S., O'Halloran, K.L., Wignell, P., Chai., K., Lange, R. View Publisher
Journal Article A Look At Jihadists Suicide Fatwas: The Case Of Algeria

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2010 Prucha N. View Publisher