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VOX-Pol Publication How Extreme Is The European Far Right? Investigating Overlaps in the German Far-Right Scene on Twitter

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2019 Ahmed, R. and Pisoiu, D. View Publisher
Report A War of Keywords: How Extremists are Exploiting the Internet and What to do About It

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2016 Ahmed, M. and George, FL. View Publisher
Journal Article Detection And Classification Of Social Media Based Extremist Affiliations Using Sentiment Analysis Techniques

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2019 Ahmad, S., Asghar, M. Z., Alotaibi, F. M. and Awan, I. View Publisher
Webbpoliser, gaming och kontranarrativ

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2022 Ahlerup, L. and Ranstorp, M. View Publisher
Chapter Of Heroes and Enemies: Visual Polarization in the Propaganda Magazines of the Islamic State

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2021 Aguilera-Carnerero, C. View Publisher
Report Mapping right-wing extremism in Victoria: Applying a gender lens to develop prevention and deradicalisation approaches

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2020 Agius, C., Cook, K., Nicholas, L., Ahmed, A., bin Jehangir, H., Safa, N., Hardwick, T. and Clark, S. View Publisher