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Journal Article “Yes, I can”: what is the role of perceived self-efficacy in violent online-radicalisation processes of “homegrown” terrorists?

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2019 Schlegel, L. View Publisher
Report “We are Generation Terror!”: Youth‑on‑youth Radicalisation in Extreme‑right Youth Groups

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2021 Rose, H. and A.C. View Publisher
Journal “To My Brothers in the West . . .”: A Thematic Analysis of Videos Produced by the Islamic State’s al-Hayat Media Center

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2017 Macnair, L. and Frank, R. View Publisher
Journal “Talk About Terror in Our Back Gardens”: an Analysis of Online Comments about British Foreign Fighters in Syria

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2016 da Silvaa, R. and Crilley, R. View Publisher
Journal “Real Men Don’t Hate Women”: Twitter Rape Threats and Group Identity

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2016 Hardaker, C. and McGlashan, M. View Publisher
Journal Article “On the Internet, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog”: The Online Risk Assessment of Violent Extremists

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2016 Shortland, N. View Publisher