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Chapter Vom Analogen ins Digitale. Eine kurze Geschichte der dschihadistischen Propaganda und ihrer Verbreitung

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2020 Zabel, M. View Publisher
Lecture Jillian C. York on Freedom of Expression and Safety Online

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2016 York, J.C. View Publisher
Journal Article EEG distinguishes heroic narratives in ISIS online video propaganda

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2020 Yoder, K.J., Ruby, K., Pape, R. and Decety, J. View Publisher
Journal Article Short of Suspension: How Suspension Warnings Can Reduce Hate Speech on Twitter

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2021 Yildirim, M.M., Nagler, J., Bonneau, R. and Tucker, J.A. View Publisher
Journal The Evolution of Online Extremism in Malaysia

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2017 Yasin, N.A.M. View Publisher
Report Paradigmatic Shifts in Jihadism in Cyberspace: The Emerging Role of Unaffiliated Sympathizers in Islamic State’s Social Media Strategy

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2016 Yannick Veilleux-Lepage View Publisher