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Report Manipulating Access To Communication Technology: Government Repression or Counterterrorism?

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2022 Mustafa, F. View Publisher
Journal Article How does language influence the radicalisation process? A systematic review of research exploring online extremist communication and discussion

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2022 Williams, T.J.V. and Tzani, C. View Publisher
Journal Article Cannibalizing the Constitution: On Terrorism, the Second Amendment, and the Threat to Civil Liberties

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2022 LaGuardia, F. View Publisher
Chapter Digitalization and Political Extremism

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2022 Karacuka, M., Inke, H. and Haucap, J. View Publisher
Report The Threat of Terrorist and Violent Extremist Operated Websites

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2022 Tech Against Terrorism View Publisher
Journal Article The Representational Strategies of Lionization and Victimization in ISIS’s Online Magazine, Dabiq

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2022 Rasoulikolamaki, S. and Kaur, S. View Publisher