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Journal Article ‘Welcome to #GabFam’: Far-right virtual community on Gab

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2021 Jasser G, McSwiney J, Pertwee E, Zannettou S. View Publisher
Journal Article “A View from the CT Foxhole: An Interview with Brian Fishman, Counterterrorism Policy Manager, Facebook”

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2017 Cruickshank, P. View Publisher
Report “Linksextremismus im Internet”, Extremismus in Deutschland

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2004 Reinhardt, A. and Reinhardt, B. View Publisher
Report “Pine Tree” Twitter and the Shifting Ideological Foundations of Eco-Extremism

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2019 Hughes, B. View Publisher
Journal Article “Short is the Road that Leads from Fear to Hate”: Fear Speech in Indian WhatsApp Groups

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2021 Saha, P., Mathew, B., Garimella, K. and Mukherjee, A. View Publisher
MA Thesis “Support For Sisters Please”: Comparing The Online Roles Of Al-Qaeda Women And Their Islamic State Counterparts

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2016 Peladeau, H. View Publisher