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Journal Article “The Lions Of Tomorrow”: A News Value Analysis Of Child Images In Jihadi Magazines

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2018 Watkin, A. and Looney, S. View Publisher
Journal Article “@ me if you need shoutout”: Exploring Women’s Roles in Islamic State Twitter Networks

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2017 Huey, L., Inch, R., and Peladeau, H. View Publisher
Journal “Breivik is my Hero”: the Dystopian World of Extreme Right Youth on the Internet

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2014 Turner-Graham, E. View Publisher
Journal Article “Deplorable” Satire: Alt-Right Memes, White Genocide Tweets, and Redpilling Normies.

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2019 Greene, V.S. View Publisher
Journal “Electronic Jihad”: The Internet as Al Qaeda’s Catalyst for Global Terror

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2016 Rudner, M. View Publisher
Journal “Flexible” capital accumulation in Islamic State social media

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2015 Richards, I. View Publisher