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Book Social Science For Counterterrorism: Putting the Pieces Together

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2009 RAND View Publisher
Report Network Technologies for Networked Terrorists: Assessing the Value of Information and Communication Technologies to Modern Terrorist Organizations

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2007 Don, B.W., Frelinger, D.R., Gerwehr, S., Landree, E. and Jackson, B.A. View Publisher
Chapter The Virtual Sanctuary of Al-Qaeda and Terrorism in an Age of Globalisation

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2007 Ranstrop, M. View Publisher
Report Youth Online and at Risk: Radicalisation Facilitated by the Internet

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2011 Royal Canadian Mounted Police View Publisher
Journal Article Role Of Intelligence In Countering Terrorism on the Internet: Revisiting 3/11

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2008 Díaz, G. and Merlos, A. View Publisher
Book Countering Militant Islamist Radicalisation on the Internet: A User Driven Strategy to Recover the Web

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2007 Ryan, J. View Publisher