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Report Who Dissemnates Rumiyah? Examining the Relative Influence of Sympathiser and Non-Sympathiser Twitter Users

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2018 Grinnell D., Macdonald S., Mair D. & Lorenzo-Dus N. View Publisher
Journal Article Who Are the Online Extremists Among Us? Sociodemographic Characteristics, Social Networking, and Online Experiences of Those Who Produce Online Hate Materials

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2018 Costello, M. and Hawdon, J. View Publisher
Journal Article Whiteness feels good here: interrogating white nationalist rhetoric on Stormfront

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2020 Hartzell, S.L. View Publisher
Report White Supremacy Search Trends in the United States

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2021 Moonshot, Anti-Defamation League View Publisher
Chapter White Supremacy and the Digital World: The Social Construction of White Identity

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2021 Polizzi, D. View Publisher
Journal White Supremacists, Oppositional Culture and the World Wide Web

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2005 Adams, J. and Roscigno, V.J. View Publisher