Anthony F. Lemieux

Anthony F. Lemieux is Founding co-Director of the Atlanta Global Studies Center and Professor of Communication at Georgia State University, and was previously an American Council on Education Fellow. He is a faculty member in the Transcultural Conflict and Violence Initiative. In his administrative and leadership roles, Lemieux has prioritized support for collaborative, interdisciplinary research and curricular efforts that address issues of pressing global significance, and student engagement and success. Lemieux is Principal Investigator of the U.S. Department of Defense Minerva Initiative supported interdisciplinary, multi-institution, research program on Mobilizing Media which leverages empirically-validated models of health behavior change, persuasion, and communication to provide comprehensive analysis of strategic communication campaigns and propaganda outputs of terrorist groups including magazines, music, images, texts, and videos. In addition, he is co-PI on a U.S. Department of Education supported National Resource Center and FLAS program in collaboration with colleagues at Georgia Tech. He was previously Principal Investigator of a Department of Homeland Security funded program on Using Experimental Research to Study the Dynamics of Radicalization and Terrorism. Lemieux has regularly been featured in National and International media. He earned his Ph.D. and M.A. in social psychology at the University of Connecticut and his B.A. in psychology and sociology at Boston College.