Ashley A. Mattheis

Ashley A. Mattheis holds a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her work brings together cultural studies, media studies, and rhetorical criticism, through the lens of feminist theory to explore the material effects of cultural production and consumption online. Her areas of inquiry include topics such as masculinities and online misogyny in the Manosphere, the linkages between the Manosphere and the Far/Alt-Right, and Alt-Right women’s discourses about negotiating submission and action in extremist groups, and the visual rhetoric of Far-Right extremist propaganda. Her publications include: Atomwaffen Division and its Affiliates: Variations, Interconnections, and Practices, a report published by the Resolve Network, “#TradCulture: Reproducing Whiteness and Neofascism through Gendered Discourse Online,” in the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Critical Studies in Whiteness,” “Does the Institution have a Plan for That?: Researcher Safety and the Ethics of Institutional Responsibility,” in Researching Cybercrimes: Methodologies, Ethics, and Critical Approaches, “Shieldmaidens of Whiteness: (Alt)Maternalism and Women Recruiting for the Far/Alt-Right,” in the Journal for Deradicalization, and ‘The Greatness of Her Position’: Comparing Identitarian and Jihadi Discourses on Women, a report published by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization.