Carol Winkler

Carol Winkler (Ph.D. University of Maryland) is a Professor of Communication Studies and lead faculty member of the Transcultural Conflict and Violence initiative at Georgia State University. Her research interests include terrorism, visual communication, networked argumentation, and presidential rhetoric. Over the past seven years, she has examined the media strategies of extremist groups in the MENA region. Her work in that area has culminated in her most recent book, Proto-state Media Systems: The Digital Rise of al-Qaeda and ISIS (co-authored by Kareem El Damanhoury; Oxford University Press, 2022) and numerous articles in journals such as Terrorism and Political Violence, Media, War & Conflict, Cambridge Journal of International Affairs, International Journal of Communication, Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict, Behavioral Science of Terrorism and Political Aggression, Journal of Media & Religion, Journal of Global Security., Journal of Policy, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism, Arab Media & Society etc. Her previous books have included In the Name of Terrorism: Presidents on Political Violence in the Post-World War II Era (SUNY 2006), Visual Propaganda and Online Radicalization (Security Studies Institute, 2014), and Networking Argument (Routledge, 2020).