Greg Barton

Greg Barton is Research Professor in Global Islamic Politics at ADI Deakin University where, since August 2015, he has led research on Islam and civil society, democratisation, and countering violent extremism. Greg has 35 years of experience researching Islam and social movements in Indonesia, Malaysia and broader Southeast Asia.  He is an Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Strategic and Global Studies (SKSG), University of Indonesia, and a Senior Fellow with the UAE-based Hedayah Center in Abu Dhabi working on CVE.  

Over the past three decades he has undertaken extensive research on Indonesia politics and society, especially of the role of Islam as both a constructive and a disruptive force.  He has a strong general interest in security, international relations and comparative international politics.  The central axis of his research interests is the way in which religious thought, individual believers and religious communities respond to modernity and to the modern nation state.