Kamil Yilmaz

Dr. Kamil Yilmaz works as a post-doctoral researcher at the Cyber Threats Research Centre (CyTREC), Swansea University. He holds a PhD in applied (political) anthropology from Columbia University and multiple master’s degrees in criminal justice, international affairs, and anthropology. He has taught undergraduate and graduate students in counterterrorism, international politics, discourse analysis and research methods, based both on theory and practice. He is the author of “Disengaging from Terrorism: Lessons from the Turkish Penitents” (Routledge 2014) and numerous articles related to counterterrorism. Dr. Yilmaz is interested in Computational Social Science and his research interests include political violence, anthropology of terrorism, radicalization and deradicalization processes related to terrorism, discourse analysis and terrorists’ use of the Internet and social media.