Kareem El Damanhoury

Kareem El Damanhoury (Ph.D. Georgia State University) is an Assistant Professor of Media and Journalism Studies and faculty affiliate in the Center of Middle East Studies at the University of Denver. His research focuses on visual communication, media and conflict, and international/intercultural communication. Much of his work in recent years has centered on the use of new media and visual communication strategies by violent militant groups, including ISIS and al-Qaeda, and nation states as well as on the emergence of alternative proto-state media systems. His recent co-authored book, Proto-state Media Systems: The Digital Rise of al-Qaeda and ISIS (co-authored by Carol Winkler; Oxford University Press, 2022), introduces new theoretical and methodological approaches to understanding how militant groups operate online. His work has also appeared in numerous journals, such as Terrorism and Political Violence, International Journal of Communication, Media, War & Conflict, Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict, Journal for Deradicalization, Journalism Practice, Digital Journalism, Journal of Middle East Media, Behavioral Science of Terrorism and Political Aggression, Journal of Media & Religion, Journal of Global Security Studies, Journal of Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, and Arab Media & Society, etc. His forthcoming book, Photographic Warfare: ISIS, Egypt and the Online Battle for Sinai (University of Georgia Press), dissects the visual contestation phenomenon between militant groups and nations states, using Egypt as a case study.