Lella Nouri

Dr Lella Nouri is an Associate Professor of Criminology and the Co-Director of the University’s Cyber Threats Research Centre (CYTREC). Lella is also a Co-Director of the 7.5m EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Enhanced Human Interactions and Collaborations with Data and Intelligence Driven Systems.

Lella’s research specialism is in extremism, terrorist use of the internet and in particular extreme right ideologies as well as hate crime. Lella’s most recent work focuses on combatting hate visuals in communities across Wales. Lella is the inventor of the innovative ‘StreetSnap’ app, which was developed in collaboration with the Legal Innovation Lab Wales and Bridgend Community Safety Partnership. Lella also runs a community impact project in relation to anti-hate crime, Flip the Streets, which helps communities to build resilience to hate. Alongside this Lella has researched widely on extremist use of the internet including far and extreme right narratives, their dissemination via social media and provided recommendations for policy and community responses.

Stakeholder and community impact and engagement work is at the heart of her research. Lella’s has most recently been appointed as an Anti-Racist Wales Research Expert for the Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan as part of the External Accountability Group. She is also an active member of the following expert groups/networks: Academic-Practitioner Counter Extremism Network (APCEN) for the Commission for Counter Extremism (UK Home Office), Member of the Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE) Research Network, Homeland Security Group at the UK Home Office as well as the UK Counter-Terrorism Policing Evidence-Based Review Group. In 2017/18, Lella held a visiting scholar position at the University of California, Santa Barbara on a Fulbright Cyber Security Award.