Shannon Zimmerman

Dr Shannon Zimmerman is a Lecturer in Strategic Studies as Deakin University at the Australian War College. She is also a Research Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. She has two areas of research. The first is on peacekeeping, peace aoperations, and UN Stabilisation operations and looks at how these operations contest and create sovereignty the ground. Dr Zimmerman also explores how they prevent atrocity crimes and protect civilians, particularly in asymmetric threat environments. Her other field of research is misogyny motivated terrorism with a particular focus on the online Manosphere and the political ideology of Incels or ‘involuntary celibates’. Dr Zimmerman completed her PhD on ‘Counterterrorism and the Protection of Civilians in Peace Operations’ in Aug 2019. In addition to her PhD, she holds a Masters in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.  Dr Zimmerman the Deputy Director of Women in International Security – Australia.