Weeda Mehran

Weeda Mehran, PhD (Cambridge), MSc (Oxford) is a faculty member at the Department of Politics & Co-director of the Centre for Advanced International Studies (CAIS) at the University of Exeter. Dr Mehran has formerly worked at the Global Studies Institute, Georgia State University, McGill University and Dublin City University (as aVox-POL visiting scholar). She has worked with several national and international organisations. She has been an advisor to the UK House of Lords’ Inquiry on Afghanistan and has consulted for the UNWOMEN, NATO, UNDP and a number of NGOs based in Afghanistan. Her research has been published in journals such as Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, Small Wars and Insurgencies, Behavioural Science of Terrorism and Political Violence, Central Asian Survey and Journal of Peacebuilding and Development. She has also published opinion pieces in news outlets such as The Conversation, The Guardian and The Telegraph. Weeda provides TV and radio commentaries for news organisations such as BBC, CNN, Sky News, France24, CTV, Financial Times as well as commentaries for other news outlets.