VOX-Pol Stands with CEU
April 4, 2017
 Update 05/04/2017 Yesterday, 4 April 2017, the Hungarian parliament passed the amendment to the Higher Education law that makes the operation of Central European University impossible or in permanent threat in Hungary. With all members of the ruling Fidesz party of Viktor Orban voting a mandatory “yes”, the law passed with 123 votes for and 38 votes ...
VOX-Pol Summer School 2016: Topics in Violent Online Political Extremism
December 17, 2015
Course Date: July 4-9, 2016 Organized by the Center for Media, Data and Society (CMDS) at the Central European University (CEU) and VOX-Pol Network of Excellence Course Director(s): Eva Bognar (Center for Media, Data and Society at SPP of CEU, Budapest, Hungary) Maura Conway (Law and Government, Dublin City University, Ireland) Kate Coyer (Center for Media, Data and Society at SPP ...