The EU Commission on Voluntary Monitoring: Good Samaritan 2.0 or Good Samaritan 0.5?
December 26, 2018
By Aleksandra Kuczerawy The European Commission is encouraging Internet intermediaries to take up more proactive stance in fighting illegal content online. Voluntary measures may lead, however, to the loss of a liability exemption offered by the E-Commerce Directive. The Commission attempts to convince the intermediaries that this would not be the case, and discusses the ...
Responsible Communication by Internet Intermediaries
September 14, 2016
By Marcelo Thompson In debates concerning Internet intermediary liability, an often-expressed view is that intermediaries (such as Facebook and Google) shouldn’t be turned into adjudicators, who reason and decide about the legal or illegal nature of content they host, and thus about whether or not to take such content down. But is that a plausible view? ...