One Database to Rule Them All
November 4, 2020
A response to this article can be found HERE. [Ed.] By Svea Windwehr and Jillian C York The Invisible Content Cartel that Undermines the Freedom of Expression Online Every year, millions of images, videos and posts that allegedly contain terrorist or violent extremist content are removed from social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. ...
Innocent Users Have the Most to Lose in the Rush to Address Extremist Speech Online
October 31, 2019
By Jillian C. York and Eliot Harmon Internet Companies Must Adopt Consistent Rules and Transparent Moderation Practices Big online platforms tend to brag about their ability to filter out violent and extremist content at scale, but those same platforms refuse to provide even basic information about the substance of those removals. How do these platforms ...
Terrorism Lawsuits Threaten Lawful Speech
April 15, 2019
By Aaron Mackey One of the most important principles underpinning the Internet is that if you say something illegal, you should be held responsible for it—not the owners of the site or service where you said it. That principle has seen many theats this year—not just in federal legislation, but also in a string of ...