Intra-EU Disinformation: the French Website Managed by a Polish Far-Right Network
June 10, 2020
By EU DisinfoLab is a site that presents itself as a “French news website”, hiding both the fact that it was created in Poland in July 2019, and that it’s heavily tied to a controversial Polish far-right media network (Najwyższy Czas! & Wolnosc24). Owners of the website almost exclusively publish French-language content on polarising ...
How You Thought You Support the Animals and You Ended Up Funding White Supremacists
December 11, 2019
In cooperation with French media Le Monde (in English here), the EU DisinfoLab helped expose a French white supremacist network that uses deceptive Facebook pages to attract visitors on their website to generate revenue from online advertisements, and sell racist products as a means to support their activities. Key takeaways from our study We uncovered ...