The EU Internet Referral Unit (IRU): Addressing terrorist content online
June 21, 2023
By Camille Antunes Online platforms and social media channels have given new opportunities for terrorists to reach more audiences, significantly enhancing their ability to radicalise and recruit. As a result, online monitoring has become vital to prevent the dissemination of violent extremist and terrorist content online that can contribute to radicalisation, and counter-terrorism operations. As ...
The EU’s Terrorist Content Regulation: Concerns about Effectiveness and Impact on Smaller Tech Platforms
July 1, 2020
This is the third in a series of posts and responses addressing the EU’s regulation on online terrorist content; the first post is HERE and the second HERE. [Ed.] By Adam Hadley and Jacob Berntsson Terrorist use of the internet is a significant threat that has almost become inseparable from terrorism itself. Terrorist groups use ...