Mobilising Extremism in Times of Change: Understanding the Far-Right’s Use of Toxic Communications
June 28, 2023
by Jonathan Collins This article summarises a recent paper published in European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research The rise of harmful far-right narratives and the increasing reliance on social media platforms for socialising have created a fertile breeding ground for radical ideological movements and social divisions during the (and “post”) pandemic. However, there is ...
Blog the Pro-Trump Alternative to Social Media
November 25, 2020
By Jordan McSwiney and Greta Jasser is an alternative social networking platform closely associated with the so-called ‘Alt-Right’. Since its public launch in 2017, Gab has provided a safe space for all manner of online far-right communities, a significant portion of which place themselves squarely in the ‘#MAGA’ camp. Our research shows the important ...
Violent Misogyny, Mass Murder and Suicide: It’s Time to Save Incels from Themselves
October 9, 2019
Incels are a danger to society and to themselves. Technology has made the problem worse, but it can also help fix it. Involuntary celibates, or incels, believe that a socio-genetic conspiracy theory is preventing them from having sexual relationships with women. Denied their right to sex because society has deemed them unworthy, some of their ...
Analysis: The Use of Open-Source Software by Terrorists and Violent Extremists
September 18, 2019
Why global coding collaboration benefits everyone – including terrorists and violent extremists. Summary Much of the software that powers the internet and decentralised platforms currently depends on software that was developed under the “open-source model” – not to be confused with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) – in which the source code is available to the general public for use or ...