Hamas Telegram in the Immediate Wake of Their 7 October Terrorist Attack(s): Part 2 – Propaganda content
November 16, 2023
By Sean McCafferty & Kamil Yilmaz This analysis is Part 2 of a two-part post. Both are based on data gathered between 7 October and 9 October 2023 from two Telegram channels sharing propaganda related to the unfolding violence in Israel and Palestine: an official Telegram channel of the al-Qassam Brigades and an unofficial pro-Hamas ...
Hamas Telegram in the Immediate Wake of Their 7 October Terrorist Attack(s): Part 1 – Activity Levels
November 8, 2023
By Sean McCafferty & Kamil Yilmaz On the morning of Saturday, 7 October 2023, a barrage of rockets targeted Israel from Gaza, followed by militants from a variety of Gaza-based terrorist organisations breaking through checkpoints and military positions around Gaza and entering Israel. This led to unprecedented violence against nearby Israeli military positions, kibbutzim, and ...
Mothers And Militants: The Reproductive Politics of The Extreme-Right
November 1, 2023
By Simon a. Purdue Introduction Reproductive politics lie at the very heart of the gender ideology of the extreme-right. The ‘propagation of the race and nation’ has been a core tenet of social thought across the right-wing spectrum for the past two hundred years, and while within conservatism the racial rhetoric has been largely replaced ...
Attentat de Buffalo – Enseignements sur le journal d’un radicalisé d’ultra droite
November 30, 2022
This article was originally published in English on GNET, the Global Network on Extremism and Technology. By Laurence Bindner and Raphael Gluck, Le journal de bord de Payton Gendron, auteur de l’attentat de Buffalo le 14 mai 2022 ayant causé la mort de 10 personnes et blessé trois autres, est un document important dans la ...