Can AI help us identify and stop terrorist attacks?
January 10, 2018
This is an abridged version of a presentation delivered by David Wells at the World Counter Terror Congress in London on 4 May 2017. Intro Since leaving the intelligence world in late 2014, I’ve researched and written about counter-terrorism. My primary focus has been a controversial and misunderstood area of modern day intelligence practice – ...
Terrorist Use of the Internet by the Numbers: Part II – Quantifying Behaviours, Patterns, and Processes Using Closed Sources
March 29, 2017
This post is Part 2 of 3; Part I is HERE. Background Last week’s post—part I of three in this series—presented findings on convicted UK terrorists’ online behaviours from a large scale analysis based on open source data. Follow-up research on the antecedent behaviours, including online activities, of UK-based lone-actor terrorists leading up to their ...