Lone Actors in Digital Environments: Assessing Online Threats
February 9, 2022
By Lisa Kaati One of the most challenging threats towards societal security is attacks from so called violent ‘lone offenders’. These individuals are said to act alone or with minimal help from others, without any economic incitements or direct orders from violent extremist organisations. Between late 2018 and early 2020, several violent attacks in New ...
Lone Actors in Digital Environments
May 12, 2021
Want to submit a blog post? Click here. By Alexander Ritzmann The Halle attacker – who killed two people, injured two and aimed at killing dozens more at a Synagogue on 9 October 2019 – was inspired and motivated by online manifestos. In addition, he streamed his attack online and posted his own manifesto online, ...
VOX-Pol’s Paul Gill Keynotes Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals’ 2017 Annual Conference
February 17, 2017
VOX-Pol and University College London’s Dr. Paul Gill participated in the Asia Pacific Association of Threat Assessment Professionals’ (APATAP) annual conference in Singapore on 13 – 15 February. The conference focused on current and ongoing academic work, which falls in line with its goals of fostering and supporting cross-disciplinary study and management of threatening individuals ...