Those you fear and those who capitalise on your fear
May 17, 2017
Those you fear may not be as dangerous as those who capitalise on your fear. This is what transpires from the on-going debate around mainstream media coverage of recent lone actor terrorist attacks. Regardless of the significance of social media propaganda in emerging forms of radicalisation, commentators are now reminding us of the role that ...
Accusations in a Mirror: ISIS, Anti-Muslim Hate Speech, and the Refugee Crisis
September 21, 2016
Rather than analyzing the so-called ‘Islamic States’’ use of (social) media, in this post Dr. Matti Pohjonen, VOX-Pol Research Fellow 2016, explores if parallels can be drawn between it and a topic he’s more familiar with: far right anti-Islamic hate speech.  Following the Paris, Brussels, and other attacks, newspaper commentaries have routinely warned about the ...